From universal kindergarten to a juvenile justice system - National PTA advocates have been at the heart of our nation's greatest advances for youth.  Today, we speak up for family engagement; safe, healthy & technologically advanced schools; and equal opportunities for all children, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

To help child advocates speak up for the health and well-being of all children, Natiional PTA has created an online advocacy toolkit.  From writing your legislators to scheduling Capitol Hill visits, these step-by-step directions and examples will help you reach out to policy makers and the media.



The Louisiana State & Caddo District Legislation Chairs carefully monitor Federal and State bills that effect the education of our students and the lives of their families.  They keep PTA members aware of upcoming bills & develop appropriate action policies based on the National PTA's Federal Policy Agenda and the Louisiana PTA's goals and objectives for the year. 

The Legislative Chairs also encourage PTA members to take action by contacting their state and federal congressmen on legislation effecting education, addressing school boards regarding local educational issues, and finding solutions to concerns within individual schools.



PTA Resolutions and positions statements are official documents outlining the opinion, will, or intent of the association to address national, state or local problems, situations, or concerns that affect children and youth and require action to seek resolution on the issue.  They serve an important purpose in formalizing and focusing the positions of the organization on various important and relevant issues.

Resolutions can be submitted by a local, council, district / region, or state PTA, as well as the National PTA Board of Directors.  The National PTA and the Louisiana State PTA have adopted hundreds of resolutions and position statements on a wide variety of education, health, and safety issues.

Resources to help guide you through the process of deciding if you should submit a resolution, how to write one, what criteria you must follow, and where to get help are available through the PTA Resolutions toolkit.