Local Unit Bylaws provide a general framework for the organization.  They provide the essential structure and duties of the organization.  They are hard and fast rules that can only be amended with prior notice to the membership.

  • Amending Bylaws Takes Planning:  The general membership must receive notice of the proposed amendments at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting

  • Amendments to the Bylaws Must Be Approved By a Vote:  2/3rds of the general members (present at the meeting where the vote is taken) must approve the amendments.

  • What Parts Can Be Changed?:  Local PTA Units may not change any part of the Bylaws designated by the Louisiana PTA by double stars (**).  All other parts of the Bylaws may be changed.

  • Unit in Good Standing:  To remain a "Unit in Good Standing", local PTA units must have a current Louisiana PTA approved set of Bylaws on file at the State Office.

  • Bylaw Updates:  Local PTA Units must update their Bylaws at least once every five (5) years.

  • What Makes the Bylaws Official?:  Official Local PTA Unit Bylaws are dated, stamped "APPROVED" and have the signature of the Louisiana Bylaws Chair or the Louisiana Secretary.


Standing Rules provide the specific / additional details concerning the day to day running of the organization, the duties of committee chairs and additional duties of any officer and anything else not covered by the Bylaws.

  • Making Changes to the Standing Rules:  Standing Rules may be changed without prior notice to the general membership.  They can be changed from president to president or even meeting to meeting.  You can change the Standing Rules by a majority vote of those present at any business meeting.

  • Standing Rules are Detailed:  If you want to get specific about the way your Unit does things and who is responsible for certain activities / duties, put those details in your Standing Rules.

  • Standing Rules vs Bylaws:  Standing Rules can NEVER override your Bylaws.  If there is a conflict between the two, Bylaws will control.