Oct 1

Official enrollment totals are established by the School Board

Dec 13

Early Bird Award for 100% Membership is determined

Mar 12

Deadline for all other Membership Awards:  100%,

Clubs, Largest Unit, etc.


30 Membership Cards must be purchased to be a "Unit in Good Standing".  If your PTA unit is not in "Good Standing", your students cannot participate in PTA Programs or apply for Scholarships.  To see if your PTA/PTSA has purchased the minimum number of cards, please contact the Caddo District PTA Membership Chair.

Visit Membership Card Resources for information on creating your member profile.

Visit the "Back-to-School-Kit" for resources to help increase membership & strengthen your local unit PTA.

(Click image to create your PTA Profile)

Membership cards are in singles this year. You can use this template to add your LUR# and Local PTA Name and print out on clear labels (Avery 5160)

Membership Card Template


Amy Watts

Email Amy


Membership cards are $4 and must be issued to every paying member.  Cards are available at District Meetings or by contacting the District Membership Chair.

Make checks payable to the Louisiana PTA

Membership Order Form

Membership Tip Sheet

LA PTA Resource Guide:Membership



Create an email profile when joining or renewing your local PTA membership and gain access to up to $300 in savings and year-round discounts on popular retail products and services.