Consult the Newsletter Contest Guidelines in the Resource Guide before producing your first issue.  Try to include as many of the suggested areas as possible, while keeping in mind who will be reading they newsletter.


DON'T DO IT ALL YOURSELF!  Involve as many people as possible in submitting articles, typing, duplicating, collating and preparing for mailing.  This may be an area where a parent can volunteer even if they work during the school day.


Save 2-3 copies of each newsletter for your notebook and to enter the PTA Newsletter Contest.  This State Contest is easy to enter because you've already done all the work.

  1. Bind all of your newsletter issues in a 3-ring binder (or some other binding)
  2. Make a cover showing the PTA unit, the editor's name, and the school year
  3. Complete the Entry Form
  4. Mail the entry in.  It's as easy as that!


State Newsletter winners are kept a surprise until the State PTA Convention.  Entries are returned at that time.

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FIRST & FOREMOST - Remember the purpose of your newsletter . . . to keep your parents informed of school and PTA events and to provide educational articles to help make their job of parenting easier.


First impressions may determine whether someone even reads your newsletter.  Design interesting headings, use clip art and pictures to enhance, and include articles on timely issues.  Ask for pictures from PTA & school events or even designate a PTA member as Newsletter Photographer.