Being in "Good Standing" allows your students to participate in Reflections and Safety Drawing, apply for Scholarships and more. 

"Good Standing Status also allows PTA units to be recognized for Honor Unit, Membership and Newsletter Awards, apply for Grants and much, much more.

In order to participate in these & other National and State PTA sponsored programs, please submit two packets containing the following items to the Caddo District PTA President by

October 19, 2018.

1.  Budget Approval Form

2.  Current Proposed Budget

3.  Audit Committee Report

     (previous school year)

4.  PTA Membership Cards

     (30 minimum purchase)

5.  Local Unit Bylaws

     (date last approved)

6.  Copy of 990-N or 990-EZ

     (for last fiscal year)

7.  Current Board of Directors

     List of Contact Information

8.  Incorporated Filing

     (If PTA is incorporated)

"Good Standing" Checklist

PTA Charters

Depending on the status of the PTA Charter, the following may also need to be performed.  Please contact the Caddo District PTA President, if there are questions regarding the status of your unit's PTA Charter.



  • Adheres to the purposes and basic policies of the PTA

  • Remits the National portion of the dues through the State PTA to reach the National PTA office by dates designated by the National PTA.

  • Has been assigned its own Employer Identification Number (EIN / Tax Identification Number) from the IRS.  A copy of the confirmation letter with the EIN must be forwarded to the Louisiana PTA Office.

  • BYLAWS:  Has approved Bylaws on file in the Louisiana PTA Office.  Bylaws must be approved by the State Bylaws Chair at least once every five (5) years.

  • BUDGET:  Has the current years Proposed Budget verified by a Local Unit Budget Approval formsigned by the local president, treasurer and principal; and submitted to the Louisiana PTA office as part of the "President's Packet".  In the instance that the unit is a community or non-traditional PTA, another member may sing in place of the principal.

  • AUDIT REPORT:  Has conducted or have had an audit on the previous years financial books.  A signed copy of the Audit Committee's Report must be submitted.

  • MEMBERSHIP CARDS:  Must purchase a PTA membership card for every paying member.  Each unit must purchase a minimum of thirty (30) cards per year.

  • IRS FILINGS:  Copy of the 990-N (The IRS email confirmation) or 990-EZ (The submitted form to the IRS) for the last fiscal year.

  • BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  A current name and contact list of your PTA unit's current Board of Directors.  This helps the Louisiana and Caddo District PTAs contact the correct local unit officers and committee chairs as necessary.

  • ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION:  If incorporated by the State of Louisiana, submit documentation of the annual Board of Directors update.  Go to to see if your PTA is incorporated.

  • PROGRAMS & AWARDS:  Entries to all recognitions and awards for the Louisiana PTA and National PTA will be ineligible unless the criteria for a "Unit in Good Standing" has been met by the District and State Deadlines (whichever comes first) for that program or award.

  • VOTING DELEGATES:  All local PTA units must meet the criteria for a "Unit in Good Standing" by March 15th of each year to send voting delegates to the Louisiana PTA State Convention.